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Health & safety Protocols

            In the gospel of Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus teaches that the greatest commandment is to love the LORD our God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. Jesus also teaches us that loving our neighbor as ourselves is just as important as loving God. The Roseville Presbyterian Church is committed to loving the LORD, our God, and our neighbor.

         This one-pager outlines our efforts to safely return to in-person worship into the Roseville Presbyterian Church sanctuary. As you join us in worship, please receive this guide as an obedient and faithful response to Jesus’ command to love God and neighbor.

  • Don’t forget to RSVP for this coming Sunday service, as well as future weekly services by:

    • using this link (by Sunday at 8am)

    • emailing (by Sunday at 8am)

    • Calling the church office at 973-483-3361 (by Friday at 7pm


*Please note that this is for safety reasons only, should you forget to RSVP know that you’re still welcome to attend, our doors are always open!

  • Masks are mandatory and must remain on while in the sanctuary

  • When you arrive at the church entryway, ushers will provide a temperature check

  • Ushers will register your attendance and escort you into the sanctuary, and seat you (Zoned Area) | We are practicing social distancing in our seating.

  • Family members from the same household may sit together.

  • We ask that you move forward and not stop to socialize on the way to your seat and when you exit at the end of service.

  • We ask that you remain seated in your zone area during worship and limit your movement in the building.

  • On Communion Sundays, ushers will hand communion cups to you in the vestibule on your way into the sanctuary.

  • We encourage you to use our online giving options to give or mail in your offering. Offering envelopes will be available in pews if you want to give your offering physically. At offering time, raise your hand with your offering in the envelope, and the usher will collect with a long-handled basket.

  • We ask that you do not sing during the service.

  • At dismissal, the pastor will signal. The ushers will assist in guiding worshippers out by zones, starting with those seated in the rear of the sanctuary.

  • We realize there may be a desire for worshippers to fellowship and gathering after worship. If weather permits, the side yard of the church will be open for worshippers to fellowship outdoors after service.

The sanctuary has been altered for safety.

  • Air scrubbers were installed in the HVAC system to for cleaner air. 

  • signage has been placed around the Sanctuary and the rest of the campus reminding everyone to wear a mask and how to properly wash and sanitize hands. 

  • A disinfecting machine was purchased to supplement Buildings & Grounds in thoroughly sanitizing the Sanctuary weekly.

  • There will be no hymnals, bibles, or bulletins. We encourage you to bring your own bibles (do not leave them) or use your phones. We will post the Scriptures and Worship Notes on the big screens.

  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been placed in the rear and on the side areas of the sanctuary.

  • We have roped off certain sections and pews to keep with the social distancing protocols in our seating and ask that you let the Ushers direct you on where to sit. 

  • Signage was posted with instructions on how to participate in contactless giving. Ushers will still come around during tithes and offerings.